Brooke Stevenson

Luxe Wellness Founder,
Mastery Health and Transformational Coach​,
Certified Neuro Change Practitioner & Reiki Practitioner.

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I am a passionate practitioner dedicated to mind and body health. My focus is to help men, women and young adults shift limiting beliefs and internal restrictions that impact living an empowered and fulfilled life.

The programs and services I facilitate use a unique combination of holistic therapies personalising each session for the individual and their specific needs.

Having worked with leading doctors, functional health practitioners and key industry experts, in addition to my own personal growth journey & studies, the transformative experience and support you will receive during a session or retreat is one of extreme focus and attention to detail.

Trust the timing of your journey and the process of change!

X Brooke


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'I went on the 24 hour reset and it felt like a week.
I felt so positive and motivated and took away tools for my everyday life.
Learnt how to meditate, have goals for my life and to centre myself.
I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you Brooke, so inspiring and I never thought I could do breath work and visualisation like that.
An outta body experience and so positive.'


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