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Getting To Know Brooke

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Daily Rituals & Practice

I am all for a daily practice, the more consistent effort we put into things on a daily basis, the greater chance we have for creating lasting change :-)

AM practice

5-10 mins of breathwork every morning - shifting & moving stored energy, creating inner presence and awareness, increase endorphins, circulation, feel alive. I often do a #kaaiaa workout with the amazing #leahsimmons I love her mind and body workout program and also #wimhoffpractice

Set an intention for the day - what good can I bring to my day and to others?

Ocean swims (all seasons) & beach walks - again moving my body, getting in nature, grounding, earthing, revitalising my energy through this process.

Switching it up - TRYING something new Each week, whether it is a new movement class, cooking something new, listening to a new podcast or meditation - switch it up & try something new, stepping outside of your comfort zone.

PM practice

Night meditation - listening to a guided meditation that is positive, calming and inspiring you before bed, as this is processed whilst sleeping.

Gratitude prayer - create a gratitude prayer that is relevant to you (breathe into your heart space and feel into your words).

What foods/beverages I cant live without

I love most foods, so hard to pin point one. Balance is important to me so I like to keep it real and mix up my choices with my meals and drinks.

I love sushi, fresh fish, sashimi, prawn dumplings from the farmers market are a plus, good japanese or italian cant be missed. Green juices, juice & broth detoxs - love #solcleanse and #orchardstreetcleanse.

How did I get into this line of work?

As a child I had always been a deep thinker, interested in self discovery, questioning who I was and why I was here. Throughout my teen years through to early thirties I was functioning with consistent social anxiety, in conjunction with seeing close family members suffering from depression, substance abuse and mental health struggles, my interest in health and wellbeing support grew. I studied reiki 1 & 2 in my mid 20's knowing I was extremely interested in the work & practice behind it, but never saw my self as a practitioner. I attended many health and wellness retreats over the years which impacted my life greatly and from there I decided to pursue the interest in running personalised health retreats and in 2017 went on to study holistic health coaching, transformational coaching methodology, Reiki 1 & 2 refresher training and the neuro change practitioner progarm.

Going through this personal journey of transformation and understanding that this process is not a quick fix but an ongoing shift in lifestyle, habit change and mindset this has made me determined and passionate in healing others in the same boat - as humans we all want love, safety and belonging it is a matter of shifting our beliefs, mindset and habits in order to create & feel this.

Favourite reads

The secret language of your body by Inna Segal.

The Art of Happiness , Dalai Lama.

Favourite things to do

Summertime at the beach, sunshine and ocean dips.

Health & Feel Good Services - my go to

Infrared Saunas - getting sweaty, detoxing and re energising at my local #citycave

Cleansing and detoxing with colon hydrotherapy at #innerwellbeingclinic and #phclinic are two of my favourite health clinics on Sydney's northern beaches.

Detox and cleanses programs with #solcleanse and #orchardstreet *to receive luxe wellness discounts on citycave saunas, sol cleanse or orchard street programs please get in touch - HERE

What excites me

Travel, weekend getaways, wellness retreats, campervan adventures, human connection.

Fave song/artist

Love feel good music - soul, funk, old tunes, acoustic, meditation music one of my fave song - Let it be, remixed by Let it Be by JP Cooper

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