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How to shift & release anxiety and fear

By August 11, 2021Luxe Health

How do we SHIFT this emotional battle of anxiety & fear right now?

We have a cocktail of heightened energy surrounding us from the alignment of stars, the moon phases & earth vibration, then we have all that is going on globally & close to our hearts – our home, there is friction in our country, concern for friends, family and the ones we love, then there is division and isolation.

ALL of these points listed are affecting us, some days are harder and some easier, but the reality is – WE ARE ALL feeling it & the question is HOW can we manage these emotions?

The methods I have found effective in lifting emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, sadness etc are:

Acknowledgement + Acceptance

Accepting we are where we are right now, acknowledging – the present, the NOW & that we cannot dwell/live in the past or fear for the future.

Feel + Release

Feeling into the emotion that is coming up opposed to pushing it down, we need to FEEL in order to RELEASE the emotions from our body.

Welcome + Embrace

Welcoming what it is we want to feel & experience & embrace the learning & the journey we had to take to get there.


Sit or lay in a quiet place & think about the emotion you would like to release.

Feel into that emotion, feel it in your body, it can be uncomfortable to do this process, but stick with it, expand the feeling & BREATHE IN for 5, hold for 5 and exhale for 5.

Repeat the process until your body is feeling calmer and more at ease.

Activities to help – release emotions , calm the nervous system and improve mental health:

Cold Water Immersion/Ocean Swims/Salt Water Therapy

is AMAZING, it awakens your cells, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, boosts immunity, improves mood, sleep, skin irritations, increases mental & physical stamina, prepares you how to cope in stressful / uncomfortable situations, increases endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin


Helps shift & release stuck energy, calms & stills the mind,

Body Movement & Exercise

Helps increase circulation, improves brain function & mental performance, increases endorphins, dopamine

Who is READY to feel lighter, calmer and mentally stronger ?

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PLEASE If you are concerned for your wellbeing or not coping, with your circumstances, PLEASE know you are NOT alone; you can call any of the mental health support hotlines below for urgent help:

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