brooke stevenson

meet brooke

health and wellness consultant

Brooke has worked in the aesthetics and wellness industry for many years, both in LA and here in Australia. Luxe Wellness is a consolidation of her extensive knowledge and exclusive contact list, to deliver the ultimate health and wellness services.

Having worked with some of the leading doctors in the industry, Brooke’s expertise is second-to-none when it comes to recommending a cosmetic procedure, in an ever-changing world of cosmetic surgery.

She understands patient care, from first hand experience, while you can trust her medical knowledge and personal approach for the genuine empathy required in post-operative care.

Brooke’s holistic view on wellness has given her access to some of the best practitioners available, including naturopaths, nutritionists; massage therapists, holistic healers, personal trainers, yoga and wellness facilitators.

“Nothing makes me happier than helping my clients look and feel their absolute best. We are here to help you achieve this, both from the inside and out”.